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A Home
for Learning Sanskrit

The Shloka to the left states that

"By acknowledging and overcoming ignorance, one can attain bliss through knowledge

                                                   - Ishavaasyopanishad

Vikasanam Vidyapeetha is an attempt to establish traditional foundation with a focus on ease of learning. Availing technology to spread the knowledge of Sanskrit has been the key motto of the school. So far, the school has helped around 800 students to learn Sanskrit across India, USA, UK, Germany, Bahrain and Australia.

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"an attempt for traditional foundation"

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About the Founder


Anand Jamakhandi, who is the founder of Vikasanam Vidyapeetha graduated from Purnaprajna Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Bangalore and holds M.A in Alankara Shastra & Purana Ithihasa. He started the non-profit school in 2014 with the goal of helping students around the world to learn Sanskrit with ease online.

Home: About
Home: About


The head office of Vikasanam Vidyapeetha is situated in Haveri, Karnataka and with recent heavy rains this year, the school building which is 22.ft x 20.ft in dimensions was damaged making it unfit for any of the faculty to access it for teaching purpose.

We want to raise funds to help rebuild parts of the school building so that it is available for teaching purpose again.

The funds will be used towards cleaning up the damage to the school caused by rains and building an office space in the ground floor and a class room that can facilitate online and offline teaching in the first floor.

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